“Data Privacy, Data Security and Data Sovereignty” are essential said Union Minister

Newsletter Week 30: (Jul 19- Jul 25)

In a recent virtual lecture organized in the honor of his father, late Thakur Prasad, a senior advocate in Patna high court and founder of the Jan Sangh in Bihar; Union minister Ravi Shankar Prasad stressed upon “data privacy, data security and data sovereignty.”

Source — Goole

Prasad in the conference addressed Indian data privacy laws and what the new bill offers.
He emphasized on the need of the Data privacy bill as India is gradually going digital. He stated that “our bill proposes a data protection authority which will protect citizens and their data privacy. It is fundamental and we should not have surveillance and invasion of privacy.”

Discussing the recent ban of 59 Chinese apps The Minister for Electronics and IT said that the data of Indians belong to the people of India and there should not be any compromise with data sovereignty of India.

He further said that the ban on Chinese mobile applications has created an opportunity for Indian developers; startups will play a vital role and India will become a powerful data economy. “If we have banned few mobile applications on the grounds of national security, then we are also encouraging Indian application developers to build mobile applications,” the minister said.

The minister said digital India today has become transformative where people are getting empowered through technology. The government has been training about six crore Indians in digital literacy of which 1.5 crore Indians already classify as digitally literate.




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