Deploying 5G Will Deeply Favour the Startup Ecosystem in India : Qualcomm India President

14 October,2020

Qualcomm India & SAARC president Rajen Vagadia said that the delay in developing 5G technology would leave the Indian startup ecosystem at a significant disadvantage. Vagadia explained that adopting 5G technology will dramatically change the performance of India’s 9,000-odd tech startups by giving them high bandwidth low latency, and security.

image- google

5G is the next-generation cellular technology with a speed that is likely to be 20 times faster than the current 4G LTE network.5G will dramatically change India’s startup space and make it competitive with the world, which has already moved to 5G.

With the ongoing catastrophe, it has become super essential to develop 5G technology that will enhance mobile broadband and ensure last-mile connectivity without the use of fiber. Vagadia said that 5G will change the tech space and will foster the development of other applications and solutions.

Recently during Dr. S.J. Shankar’s visit to Japan, India and Japan agreed upon an agreement that provides cooperation in deploying 5G and 5G plus technologies with the help of other quad members of the US and Australia. If India aims for technological dominance, it will have to start quickly on designing and implementing 5G technology. It is the correct time for India to become a leader in 5G technology. Otherwise, India will just be implementing looking at other nations.



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