Fist 2.0 : Startups Will Have Access to High-End Technology Infrastructure

India’s science and technology ministry has announced on Saturday that science and technology (S&T) infrastructure in different institutions, universities, and colleges spread all over the country will be improved as the body restructure its fund. The move will boost startups and industries by aiding them to become self-reliant.

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Infrastructural advancement that will be provided through FIST 2.0 (Fund for Improvement of Science and Technology Infrastructure in Universities and Higher Educational institutions) would help Indian institutions conduct tests and experiments independently. The Department of Science and Technology (DST) will promote theoretical work, ideas, and entrepreneurship by facilitating research and development.

Due to a lack of testing technologies and infrastructural facilities, most high-end experiments and testing of technologies are carried out from laboratories outside India. The restructuring would aid startups in the process of product development and thus will improve the quality of products developed in the nation.

The move will prompt the researchers towards interdisciplinary problem solution-centric research. The disposal of science and technology infrastructure will encourage collaborations among innovative ventures and will revamp the research and development sentiment in the country.

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