From Telecom Player to Digital Platform: How Reliance Has Re-positioned Itself With Time?

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  1. While Reliance has been successful in the present telecommunication sector, RIL is now focusing on futuristic technologies & consumer preference change.
  2. By bringing on various investors onboard, Reliance Jio not strengthened its financial position but also strengthened its strategic positioning as a tech platform.
  3. Flexibility & Adaptability have performed has significant contribution for RIL to continue to be an industry leader which can be a takeaway even for startups.
  4. Trend-lines are not as important as change in the trend is the most important thing for any business. Mukesh Ambani led, RIL has been successful in capturing the recently changing consumer preferences & change in behavior trend repositioning itself as a digital platform, targeting through the various digital Platforms.




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Bleeding Age: For Entrepreneurs

Bleeding Age: For Entrepreneurs

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