Google Held Meeting with Indian Developers to Tackle Rising Concern Over Play Store Policies

Google, today, hosted its online conference “Google Play Policy Webinar” with Indian app developers, and startup founders to address concerns over its policies for the Play Store. This was the first industry meeting between Google and Indian stakeholders after Google received backlash from Indian developers for its in-purchase policies.

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Another webinar will be held on November 3, as Google aims to clarify its stand on charging a commission for hosting apps on its interface. Many notable startup founders in the Indian market have filed complaint to CCI (Competition Commission of India) and the Government of India against google unfair and anti-competitive policies.

The tech giant is looking to clarify the issue and has held one on one conversation with players like PhonePe, Razorpay over the few weeks. The company is focusing on working closely with Indian entrepreneurs and has conducted several workshops to improve understanding of the unique needs of the Indian startup ecosystem.

Apps registered on Google has a huge distribution edge as it is a prominent app distributor platform with a massive user base. A mutual understanding between Google and app developers regarding policies would benefit both and help them grow together.

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