IIT Delhi-Incubated Startups Launch Affordable Coronavirus- Fighting Kit

E-TEX and Clensta, two startups at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi have launched an affordable virus-fighting kit on 3rd October. The kit was unveiled by the institute’s director, V. Ram Gopal Rao, and consists of antiviral lotion, a T-shirt made of antiviral fabric, hand sanitizers, and masks.

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Experts from Chemical and Textile department of IIT, Delhi have aided and approved the multifunctional and microbial products. E-TEX’s cost-effective t-shirts curtail the spread of the coronavirus due to its antiviral and antimicrobial properties. Antiviral apparel can prove to suffice the interest of anxious customers as well as boost the economy of the textile and garment sector.

Clensta’s antiviral lotion is a sanitization product that promises to protect against the virus for 24 hours. The multipurpose lotion can even be applied to face, and is a long-lasting alternative to liquid hand sanitizers.

Bipin Kumar, hailing from the Chemical and Textile department of IIT, Delhi said that the products though manufactured through local resources use the advanced PAP Technology (Prolonged Antiviral Technology). The sustainable garment designed by E-TEX remains effective even after 30 washes.

Indian market demands bio-apparels and safety products amid rising cases of coronavirus. Besides helping to deal with the pandemic, scientific innovation in this vertical can drive new business models by luring the consumer.

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