Indian Startups Keen on Developing an Alternative to Google Play Store

App developers and entrepreneurs in India have started seeking Government’s support to create a national app store alternative to Google Play. At a meeting on Tuesday, the group scrutinized ways to develop a local app store that will help counter the duopoly of tech giants Google and Apple.

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The move came on the backdrop of Google’s announcement of a 30% commission on in-app purchases. Paytm, Doosra, and other similar Indian apps were removed from the Google play store, disallowing users to download the app.

Entrepreneurs said developing a host for Indian apps will help safeguard businesses from policy changes and bans in the future. It will also help promote local startups by providing them a fair platform to compete with established players. A local app store will help startups retain avenues from in-app purchases.

Paytm co-founder and CEO Vijay Shekhar Sharma along with the team of technology entrepreneurs are likely to receive Government facilitation in the development of an Indian app store. Ravi Shankar Prasad, union minister for electronics and Information Technology appreciated the move and said it is open to receive notable suggestions from app developers regarding the same. The progress in the direction of creating an indigenous app store aligns with government efforts in creating a self-reliant nation.

The conversation needs to forge ahead with proper guidance and facilitation because it will be a daunting task to gain traction to a newly developed alternative app store. Indian start-up founders and app developers will have to work diligently on the development of a local app store that safeguards the interests of Indian users as well as app founders.

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