Liquor Industry Planning to Reach Doorsteps Amid covid19.

Corona virus has put an impact on almost every industry in one way or other. The lock-down lead to shutdown of almost all the stores and forced people to stay at their homes. This brought a number of industries to a standstill. However along with the demand of utilities and FMCGs, liquor has been something whose demand has spurred up which is evident with huge masses gathering around as soon as the stores had opened up. People were ready to buy alcohol even with additional taxes added up to 75%.

During the lock-down, the liquor industry and food aggregators had urged the government to permit home delivery of food. For this, they suggested government to permit a special license to food delivery giants (Swiggy and Zomato) and e-commerce giants such as Flipkart and Amazon to fulfill the demand by taking up orders from existing wholesalers and retailers.

Restaurants and bars also came forward urging the state governments to allow sale of underlying stock.

The Supreme Court on 8th may took the plea into consideration and allowed online sale of liquor to avoid overcrowding during the pandemic.

Online food platforms such as Swiggy and Zomato have started to deliver liquor after state government’s permission along with other checks such as mandatory age verification and user authentication. Additionally, making sure all orders carry an OTP which the customer needs to provide at the time of delivery to limit the quantity being ordered.



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