Microsoft Collaborates with Social Alpha to Nurture Healthcare Startups in India

On Thursday, tech giant Microsoft announced to have partnered with startup incubator Social Alpha and launched a programme for health-tech startups, as the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every aspect of healthcare system in the country. The programme aims to help entrepreneurs achieve better outcomes in healthcare by providing the entrepreneurs resources for co-selling and co-building along with technical support.

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“The Microsoft for Healthtech Startups program deepens our focus on specific industries and is aimed to accelerate the growth journeys of startups with the best tech enablement and business resources,” Sangeeta Bavi, Microsoft India Director — Startup Ecosystem said in a statement.

Social alpha has supported over 20 health-tech startups working across devices, diagnosis, treatment and access. Microsoft’s collaboration with Social Alpha will provide health-tech startups support through structured incubation initiatives that offer knowledge services, bootcamps and masterclass sessions with mentors as well as tech and industry experts.

In a statement Social Alpha said that “Our partnership with Microsoft for HealthTech startups will focus on enabling these companies to fast track their progress with some of the best technology resources and accelerate their innovation pathways.”

Startups that are looking to create solutions for healthcare problems also have the access to Microsoft cloud for healthcare.

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