Nexus and Digit Tie-up to Provide Free Promotion to Startups

Nexus Startup Hub and Digit, announced today their tie-up to provide free promotional support to Indian startups that are a part of the Nexus incubator program. The tie-up will result in all of the startups mentored by the Nexus Startup Hub receiving free promotions on Digit’s platforms worth 1.5 million rupees.

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Nexus Startup Hub and Digit will work together on the #IndiaProjectprogram to promote promising Indian startups and support entrepreneurs. The move aims to support Indian entrepreneurs, and build a future of truly Indian success stories.

Nexus startup Hub is a collaboration between the US Embassy, New Delhi, and ACIR. Nexus supports the local entrepreneurial ecosystem and provides startups with a network of industry experts, training from leading top leaders, and an extensive mentor network.

Digit, on the other hand, is India’s most popular technology media brand. It has a large reader base for its web publishing and has a huge potential to drive innovation in the country. Digit has retained its number position as a technology media brand since its start and is an example of a truly successful Indian startup itself.

The promotional content will be published on Digit’s site with the hashtag IndiaProject to help readers easily identify the content under the initiative and enable them to further share it in their social circle. Digit has refused to issue any sort of copyright of the hashtag.

The initiative needs an active contribution from the readers to account for enormous success. Digit actively encourages influencers, media houses, and individuals to promote the innovators. Individual contributions by the readers will further help the innovators reach a wider audience.

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