Small Mom & Pop Stores May Join E-Commerce Ecosystem Soon

Photo by Kon Karampelas from Pexels

The Commerce and Industry Ministry has been drafting the e-commerce policy, and incentives for the smaller format mom and pop stores are likely to be a part of it. This means that Indian kiryana (small departmental) stores may soon join the e-commerce ecosystem.

The objective of the policy is promotion of e-commerce ecosystem in the country, increasing jobs and rural productivity, along with exports.

Several technology companies and e-commerce entities, including Facebook, Walmart, and Amazon, have come into the support of government to provide necessary technologies that would help kiryana stores to integrate with them. These platforms would be asked to put full details of the sellers on their marketplace so that buyers can take informed decisions and even look to use products sold on the platform by nearby shops for swift delivery and service

Trade bodies have also came into support to launch various initiatives for this switchover that also requires small store owners to get the necessary skills to handle online sales with management of their offline business.

The policy framed is also expected to put an e-commerce regulator who would check and penalize companies spreading any false information. The regulator would also have the power to suspend the license of companies failing to comply with laid down regulations or are practicing any anti-competitive measures.

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