Startups Nudging Google for Alternatives to its Billing

According to individuals closely related to the recent discussions with Google, various Indian startups and companies are urging Google to provide alternatives to its billing system in order to keep the market ‘open’. Startups which were a part of Google’s recent policy webinar held on Wednesday are also inclusive of these talks.

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After Indian startups had filed complaint with CCI against Google, the tech giant has been in constant talks with them to take their grievances into consideration. The recent move comes as the continuation of resistance of Google’s billing policy by the indigenous startups of charging up to 30% fees for covering in app purchases.

The Indian companies are nudging Google to maintain all the billing choices open than restricting solely to its mannequin for in-app purchases. Since the current billing policy can hit the revenues hard, startups are opposing not to be forced to choose Google’s billing policy.

Google, responding to the concern has stated that the change regarding the billing coverage cannot be taken in India alone and they have to take other nations into consideration as well. Hence they have informed startups that they would need extra time to tackle their concerns. Since the complaint, the tech-giant has been scheduling a number of conferences and workshops with startups, including the subsequent one scheduled in November.

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