Taxmantra Launches $100m Fund to Back Startups in Southeast Asia and India

Taxmantra Global, a Singapore-based tax and a legal firm is looking to
invest $100 Million into technology-enabled startups in India and
Southeast Asia in the next 18 months. ProfitBoard Ventures, the
investment arm of the company has a powerful consortium of global
investors on board.


Taxmantra will support early and growth-stage startups to help them
provide adequate funding after the pandemic. The company’s goal is to
nurture 100-plus startups from India and Southeast Asia in 3 years.
Alok Patnia, the managing partner of ProfitBoard Ventures said that they
are looking to offer quality capital and hand-holding to the startups.
Startups can directly approach ProfitBoard and share their business
models to be evaluated by the board members for the funding.
Notable startups like Swiggy, AI-powered chatbot, full-stack OKR
platform Fitbots have been funded by the firm. The company believes
that startups in the deep-tech, edutech, health-tech, and AI/ML will
emerge stronger in the upcoming years.




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