The Google Is Backing 20 Indian Startups as Part of Its Fourth GFS Programme

Google India announced the list of 20 startups that are shortlisted for the fourth batch of Google for the Startups Accelerator India programme. The startups will receive three months of mentorship and support from Google’s network of internal and external mentors.

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The programme focuses on technology, product development, and business growth for the selected startups which have been shortlisted, after screening 600 applicants. It aims to provide startups with access to the best of Google’s people, network, and advanced technologies.

Google’s latest batch of the selected startups comprises companies across verticals such as education, retail, mental health and wellness, health tech, fintech, agritech, and gaming. These sectors require urgent innovation and investment when the ecosystem is facing unprecedented odds.

The scope of the programme has expanded to provide startups with access to tech guidance on projects, machine learning related support, UX and design mentorship, leadership workshops, networking opportunities at industry engagements, and more. The size of the batch has doubled from 10 startups last year.

GFS Accelerator has so far supported over 60 startups, which have raised over $700 million in funding in the last 5 years. Google has also offered webinar and mentorship programs with insights on how to become better leaders in their business. Paul Ravindranath G, Programme Manager of GFS Accelerator said that the programme’s mission is more important in the present times.

Google has also launched Emerging Stronger, a playbook on how to sail through the Covid-19 challenge. The playbook was launched in June this year for the startup community. Tech giant Google can play a pivotal role in helping startups to adapt to the market as they navigate through the crises and emerge stronger.

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