Uber Planning to Shift More Engineering Jobs to India

Newsletter Week 28: (July 05- July 11)

Just like all the other organizations hit diversely by covid19 in one or the other way, Uber also had to face its own share of losses and thus had fired a number of employees across the globe, including India.

However, a new strategy on their part might create new opportunities for job
seekers. A recent report has revealed that the company’s CEO Dara
Khosrowshahi is planning to move a large chunk of Uber’s engineering work to India in a bid to save money.
Since 2017, the number of engineers working for Uber India has increased from 80 to 600. The India team now comprises of 15% of the company’s global engineering team.

The company‘s CEO has already asked the engineering team to shift one-third of their work related data to India by the end of this year.
The sudden makeshift is a result of presence of a talented and affordable staff as compared to the other locations.

Even though the step seems fair and necessary to fight the financial crisis; there are employees who are concerned about the move stating that it could make it difficult for Uber to keep its systems running and maintain their data efficiently.