Walmart’s Strategy pivot- an effort to establish better foothold in Indian market.

Entering the Indian market has never been easy for any foreign Giant. Various factors including the stringent government policies play a vital role and hence require an extensive research which may even take up years before these foreign multi-brand players can enter in the Indian market.

Walmart’s prime strategy has always been to become a one-stop shopping place and has ensured to fulfill its commitment to provide goods at an everyday low price hence controlling their expenses.

Their prime model across the globe has always been selling directly to customers at an everyday low price.

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With planning on fast expansion through heavy investments and putting an effort into improving relations with small scale stores and wholesale buyers, Walmart’s 28 cash-and carry stores along with 3 Fulfillment centers have been able to survive in the Indian market so far.

However with change in time, and due to other various factors such as seasoned competition and the fragmented retail sector working as a hindrance, Walmart has decided to shift its strategy in order to grasp a better hold in the Indian market & to make these factors work in its favor.

Hence, Instead of competing with these local store holders, it is now rolling out a plan to start supplying to local shopkeepers and small business in order to build stronger relationships with this segment and to strengthen and double the wholesale chain in India in the next four years.

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